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31-01-2007 20:01:06

I bought 3 greens from him for 2 sites, 1 for flashipod4free and 2 for gaming.free4me. The flashipod4free and 1 of the gaming.free4me were instant. But the last 1 hasn't greened yet. I've sent him a few pm's and have not gotten a response back. I haven't got a response from him in over 2 weeks. Just posting here incase someone knows if he's away or something since he seemed like a nice guy s.

Edit He did refund me )

unknown uchiha

01-02-2007 11:41:33

Have you contacted a moderator?


01-02-2007 11:56:51

We did a trade about a month ago, I paid him right away, since he has such a high tr. I wait about a week, nothing happens, so I send him a message. He replies that he isn't going to be able to do my site, so he will refund me. Well he hasn't refunded me, and after sending 2 pm's, and he hasn't read either one. What should I do at this point?


01-02-2007 11:57:55

PM a mod.


01-02-2007 12:14:14

Flood comppimp with pms.


01-02-2007 12:23:21

k thx


05-02-2007 22:11:20

Sorry guys! Have been busy with work/stuff/classes. Tried to log in last week but forum was down. What luck! Both of my friends who planned on working on sites gave up. I have just refunded MNX12. As for goof, reply to my PM and you shall get yours pretty soon. Thanks.


08-02-2007 19:00:11

Yeah, by the way, he did refund me and everything is cool again. Werd