M_A_A_Randall Red

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30-01-2007 21:53:37

He went red for me on gaming.free4me so I got another user to green. I pmed him and have not recieved any reply for well over a week now. Trade with caution.

unknown uchiha

30-01-2007 23:59:50

You should have PMed a moderator when you didn't get a response. Sorry that you've been scammed, hopefully M_A_A_Randall will get what he deserves (no free gifts).

Did you trade with Paypal or with sites?

If Paypal, file a dispute. If site, open a support ticket/find the site owner ASAP and tell them the situation so he'll never get his gift =]


31-01-2007 22:35:39

Ah; I had not paid him yet. I told him I would pay on approval. Was funny how he wanted me to pay him right away, but luckily, I did not budge. So I didn't really lose anything which is why I didn't pm a mod-- I didn't think I could because I didn't really lose anything. But I did want others to be aware just in case they felt like paying him upon 'green'.

unknown uchiha

01-02-2007 01:11:03

I see. Well, you should contact a moderator anyway so his rank can be changed to "problem trader" =]