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30-01-2007 17:53:54

This person greened for me on 2 sites, appletv.getstuff4free and ipod.getstuff4free and now they went on hold. trying to contact them to resolve this situation


30-01-2007 18:12:40

She will be on hold for the entire getstuff4free network. She and her boyfriend (lunaticzero) share an internet connection so they have the same IP. Without knowing they were doing wrong, they both signed up for some of the same sites, causeing them to go red for multiple accounts. They're on hold for me too cry


30-01-2007 21:26:47

spoke with them and they explained and have refunded my $$$


31-01-2007 05:16:50

Yes, I also received a refund this morning. I honestly believe they weren't trying to scam anyone, just didn't realize what they were doing would cause any problems. They are fast greeners and seemingly good people. I still would recommend them to trade, especially now that they know they can't do the same sites.



03-02-2007 18:50:31

did they mention if they were still gonna do it? i had them on couple of mine too...