lmh12 hasn't responded to me... please advise what to do

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30-01-2007 14:58:07


I opened up a trade with lmh12 with TR0 recently, and he has signed up and claimed to complete an offer and is waiting for green. All this happened 5 days ago. Of course since he's new, I said I'd pay after he goes green, and he still hasn't. I sent him an email for an update, what's going on, etc, and he hasn't responded since.

I'm tired of waiting, and I want my last referral done already. When will it be safe to just find someone else to do it? I'm afraid if I do that though, and he contacts me saying he's gone green, he'll ask for a payment. When will it be safe for me to find another referral?

Please advise.


unknown uchiha

30-01-2007 16:09:02

Hey there,

You should wait a few more days to see what's up, then PM him again. If he doesn't respond, I believe you can back out of the trade after contacting a moderator.


01-02-2007 18:30:39

I also set up a trade with lmh12 on 1/25 and haven't heard anything since! Just wanted to let you know you are not alone!


02-02-2007 06:37:20

Thanks. I have waited long enough for this. I sent him a PM 2 days ago saying he has two days more to respond, or else the deal is off. It has been 2 days. Can I please get permission from an admin to let him know the deal is off? I want to finish getting my referrals already.



02-02-2007 11:28:24

The forum rules state that after 14 days of no communication you can cancel. There are a few steps you have to take or you can get in trouble. First you must send a PM the first seven days then send one the second seven days and if no response then after the 14 days you can send a pm stating that they are out of communication and your intent to cancel. Also in the trade module you can state that the other party is out of communication. i would save any pm's or emails though in case the other party comes back later and wants money.


08-02-2007 19:42:12


it has now been 14 days, and still haven't heard of him. Who should I PM, or can I just get permission from an admin here to just ignore this guy now?



10-02-2007 20:04:29

yea, i made a trade with this guy a while back too. hasnt replied to any of my private messages, hasnt completed any offers for the site... i just gave up on him. even if he greens now, its too late. id just move on, find another ref and get on with approval. thats what i did. why stress over it. its his fault for not greening, and it should never take longer than 14 days.