frostd33 doesn't pay!!!!

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28-01-2007 23:09:27

I completed an offer for [bb64244f207]frostd33[/bb64244f207] on December 30, which is a month ago. I was new then and we had about the same number of TR. I told him I would complete the offer and then he said he would pay right after i greened. Well, the site didn't give me credit right away, so i requested manual credit and got credited for the offer i did. After it credited, he requested deletion on the trade module. I then PM'd him and asked for payment since it went green. He told me he was going to send the money the next day. After that day passed, I contacted him again. He never responded, but i ended up getting a PM from his "wife" saying that she didn't know anything about this site and that she would have him email me back when he got home from his brother's because his brother was in an accident. So, I figured i would wait a little bit longer because it sounded serious even though i didn't know if i should trust him. He ended up emailing me 2 days later saying he was still there and he would pay me when he got home. I never received payment.

I then contacted him again...this was over 2 weeks ago, and he never responded. It shows that he opened the PM I sent him. then I was looking at his posts the other day, and he had a post that stated that he received his xbox360, which is for the site that i did the offer through.

I know he would have more TR if he paid all of his refs to do the offers. Has anyone else done any offers from him and not got paid?

unknown uchiha

29-01-2007 00:32:21

He is obligated to pay you. Contact a moderator and have them reduce his TR to -1, restrict his access of the trade module, and threaten to ban him if he doesn't pay you. This is poor behavior on his part, and if it continues he should be reported to all the freebie sites (which will result in him never getting a gift again).


29-01-2007 11:02:43

ok, I contacted a moderator. I hope something gets done.


29-01-2007 11:11:51

I set his TR to -1, changed his rank, and restricted his access to the trade module. I also informed him that if he doesn't fix things by a week from today, he'll be banned.


03-02-2007 12:05:58

My very first week on the forum, I got a request to green for him. at this point I hadn't started using the trade module. I greened right away and he sent a PM saying he would send me my money the next day. The day came and went, no money showed up. I finally emailed him asking about answer. Finally, I got an email from his wife saying his brother had been in a serious car accident and he had to go out of town. I week went by and I finally heard from him saying he was still out of town and that his brother had died. Told me he would be back the next week and would send me the money. When I didn't hear from him, I emailed him again and was told he just got back and would pay me in a couple days.....never happened. Now he no longer answers messages.

Lesson learned for me. Hopefully, one avoided for you. This guy is a total sleezeball. I wouldn't touch him again with a fork. At least he's consistent with his accident story but, in my case, his brother died.

Too bad there are jerks like this just waiting to pounce on newbies. That's just going to drive them off and make things tougher on everybody.



03-02-2007 18:25:14

He paid me instantly. No problem at all.


03-02-2007 18:30:25

Yep, he still hasn't responded to me or paid me yet!!

He should be banned!!

unknown uchiha

03-02-2007 22:57:28

Have you reported him to the freebie site(s) you signed up for him? This goes for everyone.


04-02-2007 11:03:02

I contacted the site and they said they will contact the other sites about him.