What do I do if someone goes red on my site?

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26-01-2007 09:20:57

I have waited almost 2 weeks for approval on youripodnano4free, and after all this waiting I have one asshole that went red on my site. I'll leave the name out for now waiting for a response to my messages. But is there any action I can take if they choose not to respond? Because man this makes me really angry, guess I shouldent have paid until approval.


26-01-2007 09:26:05

PM Him and try to resolve. If he does not respond (give atleast a week, also check his recent posts, maybe he is away and posted it), PM a Mod/Admin. If they approve post in the Scammers section.


26-01-2007 09:40:44

Thanks I'll do that


28-01-2007 16:20:52

This issue can be locked, or deleted it has been resolved.