ffactoryxx shops at fail dollar

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24-01-2007 17:09:16

anyone talk to this guy recently? he's been out of contact for a week, i greened for him 33 days ago and he hasn't done an offer for me yet. if i'm being impatient by posting here, let me know.


24-01-2007 17:14:33

seems like a long while.


24-01-2007 18:16:01

Looks like the last time he posted was Jan. 16th.

I highly doubt he's gone or scammed. Have you tried all means of communication to him?


24-01-2007 18:37:41

Yeah...I highly doubt he's anything but a reliable and trustworthy trader. He probably went away for a bit. He'll be back. Don't worry.


24-01-2007 18:49:50

He last logged into the forums today.

ffactoryxx, please take care of this immediately.


31-01-2007 07:27:33

any more logins?

I highly doubt he's gone or scammed.[/quotea08940cd61]

it's starting to look like it...


31-01-2007 07:30:21

I'll take care of this.