Do you have a problem with me, kimmersj21?

Live forum:


20-01-2007 23:58:43

looking to go green for min $20


21-01-2007 00:15:36

Hey kimmersj21, how about you repay me for the $20 you owe me for the site you went red on? any new traders, dont trade with him. he hasnt refunded my $20 yet. I have proof if he wants me to show it.


21-01-2007 00:24:44

Mmm... There's your response to your PM. You want to get paid if you go green for me on You can wait till after approval. Thanks Parth. +kma for the warning.


21-01-2007 05:57:57

I can add to this. Informed me green on a site that he/she never even signed up for? Then wouldn't answer my emails. I would definitely suggest waiting to pay until approval!!!!


21-01-2007 06:49:45

kimmersj21, your trading privileges have been owned until you respond to the claims made here. Moving this thread to the Scammers section...