Hairycornflakes not responding, scammer

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20-01-2007 16:15:03

this cat told me he had "card issues" and couldnt pay me but was gonna get me my money "soon". After many pm's, of which he/she has opened, i get no response. If you aint gonna pay then at least sack up, and tell the guy, i would have more respect for you if you actually did that. I am a newbie and probably should have known better, but jeez, when i say i am gonna pay someone, i will pay them, no ifs, and or butts.....its losers like this that make most newbies leery of joining this great community....

if you have some legit excuse that has caused this circumstance, then i would be more than happy to issue an apology, if not.....well.....


20-01-2007 21:32:41

I agree


22-01-2007 01:07:58

he has also cheated also infact im have currently lost $50 because of his lies. Do not do any sports betting sites her offers because they cant accept payments from the US especaily from your bank accounts. Wont respond to any emails either.


22-01-2007 08:41:41

well i did his betting site too, but didnt lost a penny, just didn<t tell me the limit for withdrawal is 50, so i had to deposit more in order to take it out. payed me thou...


22-01-2007 09:36:20

His access to the trade module has been limited and his TR set to -1.


25-01-2007 19:13:47

so hairycornflajes is a scammer?


29-01-2007 07:45:40

yep, still hasnt repsonded to a green that is over 3 weeks old...went quick for him as well, he said he would pay but "forgot" about me, then he had "Issues" with his cards, then just stopped resonding all together. Not exactly a class act.....