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18-01-2007 18:10:20

want to get my feedback over +4 so I decided to paying emachine $22.00 in advance for a green on gaming.freepay.com. Instead of giving a big speech, I'll post the pm's I've gotten from this person.... keep in mind that freepay has the 90 day policy...

Here is #1 (His orginal reply to my thread)

From emachine
To topbillin1
Posted Tue Jan 02, 2007 613 pm
Subject hey Quote message
do u still need that freepay site?

(Of course I replied with yes)

Here is the next pm from him #2

To topbillin1
Posted Wed Jan 03, 2007 319 am
Subject Re hey Quote message
since ur TR is lower u have to pay first .. my paypal is "aj76ersfan3@aim.com" i will make sure to green by tommrow

(Notice he said [b45289a41cb]tomorrow[/b45289a41cb]


From emachine
To topbillin1
Posted Thu Jan 04, 2007 624 pm
Subject Re hey Quote message
hey i will be able to green for you just give me the [b45289a41cb]next day or 2[/b45289a41cb] because ive been busy

(Notice he failed on the green by tomorrow thing)...I actually got upset and sweared at him out of anger, nothing to personal, just letting him know don't try to screw me....

#4....The holy priest role....

To topbillin1
Posted Tue Jan 09, 2007 1235 pm
Subject Re hey Quote message
sry about that ive been busy lately .. and ive already signed up for tis site so I'm gonna get my friend to do it .. can you please not swear at me ..
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#5... Here is last pm I got from him over a week ago, still no green, no contact, no update...

From emachine
To topbillin1
Posted Wed Jan 10, 2007 321 am
Subject Re hey Quote message
sorry about that .. but i already signed up for that site so i will try to get my friend to do it..you'll get you green



18-01-2007 18:20:25

I'd say eMcahine owes you a green. I'll PM him to alert him to this thread.

Edit Last Visit - Thu Jan 18, 2007 337 pm, I've limited his access to the trade module, since it appears he was setting up other trades while leaving you without your green.

Please also email him if you have an email address for him.


18-01-2007 18:21:37

I paid him paypal in advance and he still is slacking on me....thanks for the quick response though.


18-01-2007 21:29:55

well freepay is telling me i greened.. idkhttp/" alt=""/img.photobucket.com/albums/v215/Coleman4747/untitled.jpg[/img2d40a2a1f4]


18-01-2007 22:20:37

topbill1, please post a screenshot of your account


19-01-2007 02:07:30

emachine, why you never told me you sign up email nor told me anything when you did the offer?

He's green on my end under that email, leave feedback and let someone know when you did the offer next time so I can check it off as complete.


27-01-2007 17:11:41

I just have to comment here I had a simler deal with e-machine he contacted me and wanted to trade I said I would pay for greens on 2 sites he then told me he had a higher tr than me and I would have to pay first. Now im new to this site but not new to life. I told him thanks for the offer but I would pass he then came back and said he would go first and hope I wasnt scamming him. I agreed and set up 2 trades with him. Now already I was regreting this disision but I made it and was willing to go ahead with it. he did a half credit on both sites and asked if I could now pay and he would finish. I let him know I would stay with our agreement and pay on green. he swore at me and said he would get a friend to finish the offers. his friend did a half credit on 1 site and again he asked to be paid. I dont know why he couldent finish a site betwen him and his friend but he couldent. Now Im not out anything but thought it was very strange so I thought I would put in my 2cents here. Just be carful trading with him Fred


02-02-2007 00:23:11

Mine was done on 14 January and he has still not completed our trades.

He agreed to two sites for $29 payment upfront.

Still has'nt completed! Good Luck to all!

Dear Donald Delao,

Your payment for $29.00 USD to email==aj76ersfan3@aim.comaj76ersfan3@aim.com=aj76ersfan3@aim.comaj76ersfan3@aim.com/email has been sent.

Payment Details

Amount $29.00 USD

Transaction ID 0YF42583L4851270G

Payment for FIPG trades. MonkeyGift & wii4free

View the details of this transaction online at


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