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08-01-2007 07:12:04

Is a possible scammer. I paid him first to green on sony vbux and he assured me he would get it done by last thursday. Then i get a PM saying

"yeah if it doesn't green by thurs. cause its takin forever for the sites to send confirmation i'll give u your money back, i just have to wait until i'm not grounded anymore, cause my mom went onto my comp and put restrictions on it so i can't go on certain sites and paypal is one of em, but if i don't go green in time, u'll get your money back just not right away."

I have not heard back after many PM's that i want the money back right away!!! BEWARE !


08-01-2007 07:18:52

Yikes...mommy won't let him on the pc....


08-01-2007 08:57:18

Same thing happened with me. He didnt do an offer or go red so I wouldnt call him a scammer


08-01-2007 09:01:55

Wait atleast until Thursday. Usually you should try to work it out with the member first before posting about it. Also, you can tell if he is really ignoring your PMs by checking whether the PM is in the outbox or the sentbox. If the PM is in the outbox, they have not read it. If its in the sentbox, they have read it.


08-01-2007 12:21:54

We don't know yet if he's scamming but if you had followed the rules, you wouldn't have traded with him as you both have TR of 0 or 1. I hope you see now that we have rules for a reason and paying money to someone here with absolutely no credentials isn't a great idea.


08-01-2007 13:19:38

Yep!! lesson learned the hard way! and excel, it was LAST thursday he was suppose to green by