LX8977 doesn't reply to PM's/No completed Trade either

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05-01-2007 10:42:54

Hey everyone. I'm not too mad about this because I hadn't paid anything yet but LX8977 signed up under my ipods.123stuffforfree.com about a month ago. He/She is still pending and I've left them about 4 PM's over the course of one month and haven't gotten a single reply.

No paypal was sent yet but just frustrated because I was expecting that green and have waited 1 month to replace it now.


05-01-2007 12:59:30

And you're complaining why? You gotta be patient. Some traders are slow, and some don't even come back. You didn't pay him yet, so there's nothing you can do, and there's nothing to worry about.


05-01-2007 13:44:08

You are allowed to cancel a trade if there is two weeks of no contact. The rule is that you have to tell them you're going to cancel the trade every three days until the two weeks is up. (Something like that)