IFW4HIRE on hold

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04-01-2007 22:03:33

he completed my psp.getstuff4free.org site on 12/29 for paypal and now when going thru approval, he is placed on hold. Pm and emailed but so far , no response. Any help appreciated


04-01-2007 22:12:14

You traded with another user with 0TR, which is discouraged. I would recommend contacting a moderator.


04-01-2007 22:29:26

Crap, I'm in a trade with this guy.


04-01-2007 22:56:00

he responded to my pm and will hopefully straighten things out

liEDIT suppose to refund payment by tomorrow, until he can straighten his account out


07-01-2007 00:49:11

Still hasnt refunded my money like he said he was. I have sent another pm and another email to him.


08-01-2007 19:02:30

has responded to pm and refunded money, BUT it is an echeck and must still clear. Will update when/if payment goes thru.


09-01-2007 19:02:59

pspparty can you please update the a4f thread too


12-01-2007 13:35:25

Refund has cleared........