omgsky had 3 refs disqualify on me

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04-01-2007 08:50:17

So, I paid the user [b3b503070d0]omgsky[/b3b503070d0] $25 a ref for 3 refs (he said he had 2 friends to do it too) for Trainn's Wii site. Anyway, I finally got my account review back and all three of em went red after submitting my account for violating the TOS. I can provide screen shots and proof if you guys wanna see.

omgsky seems to be banned right now, but don't send any PayPal to


04-01-2007 11:56:04

he was also put on hold for my PS3.Getstuff4free site for offer frauding
i tried PMing him a couple times and i still haven't heard from him



06-01-2007 22:29:58



07-01-2007 04:05:59

Also on Hold on WhyPayItsFree for offer fraud.


07-01-2007 18:56:24

Thanks for the heads up )


09-01-2007 10:26:09

He refunded me 1/3 of my money and said he is getting more of it b/c his PP account doesnt have the funds. I call BS because it should at least have the funds he stole from me.


21-01-2007 14:30:29

nothing yet from him (


21-01-2007 15:32:31

nothing here too