Heads up about White Overnight....

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30-12-2006 21:36:11

So after poking around a little bit and doing some research on the different companies and their offers and this is what I found


Its a little disturbing so for all though doing the offer or thinking about it watch out! You might be able to use this as evidence for a chargeback with your credit card company.

For thoes representatives of freebie sites that offer White Overnite, I would highly suggest rethinking providing this as an offer on your site, please make sure to reveiw the article and do some research before taking any measures.


+Karma apprecaite if you think I deserve it D


31-12-2006 00:31:27

Cheat and Eat is the same company as well.

unknown uchiha

31-12-2006 14:38:33

Yup, same for Burn Fat 2 and a whole lot of other trials. They're mostly pulled from the freebie sites now, so be warned if you find a site with the offers.


31-12-2006 14:43:27

Yeah...they got me for 106 something back when I did my first Nuitech site....Bastards ( Oh well...the plasma was still well worth it )