double_d refuses to uphold his end of deal & ignores PMs

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14-11-2006 20:11:20

I have been green on gaming.free4me since 10/26, yet double_d still has not honored the trade to sign up on my site.

I bent over backwards to argue with free4me reps to convince them to give credit after Carleton Sheets messed up my address. I even issued a credit request after free4me subsequently crashed and lost my data. They have re-credited me, and yet double_d ignores me.

At first, double_d was very friendly. Then when it came time for him to fulfill his end of the bargain, he started blowing me off. In IM sessions, he told me multiple times that he would do an offer for me that night or within the next couple days, but he never did. I have tried to be patient and understanding with him, but I am tired of waiting! This trade has been pending for a month and a half now.

To make things more aggravating, he has ignored all PMs I sent him in the past 10 days. I know he's read them, and he's logged on almost every day. I also suspect he set himself to be invisible from me on Yahoo messenger. So, what gives?!

double_d, have you turned scammer?

unknown uchiha

14-11-2006 21:49:17

Have you PMed a moderator about this?


15-11-2006 06:46:41

I PMed Admin. Thanks.

unknown uchiha

15-11-2006 15:11:38

np, sorry to hear that your trade isn't going smoothly. Hope it ends up well.


15-11-2006 15:31:01

I removed his access to the Trade Module, dropped his TR to -1 and PM'ed him.

If and when I hear from him I'll let you know.


15-11-2006 17:59:40

I'm on it.


15-11-2006 19:42:23

thank you, TheySayJump.


15-11-2006 20:01:23

Looks like he got banned?


15-11-2006 20:04:09

[quote1d7e1ad405="tylerc"]Looks like he got banned?[/quote1d7e1ad405]
How so?


15-11-2006 20:04:17

Nah I just changed his rank and title.

People aren't banned unless they have the banned avatar and the banned title, or some other banned combination.


16-11-2006 07:50:56

He hasn't even signed up on my site yet.
double_d, what's going on?


16-11-2006 13:16:58

[quote412d86bee9="dmorris68"][quote412d86bee9="tylerc"]Looks like he got banned?[/quote412d86bee9]
How so?[/quote412d86bee9]

Normally the only people with his rank/title are banned.


16-11-2006 13:21:41

So, I guess I should be looking for another referal, huh? He will probably go red anyway...


16-11-2006 19:54:03

I think he flew the coop.


16-11-2006 19:57:23

You have 6 hours between the posts.

Give it some time.


17-11-2006 20:48:53

He just IM'ed me to say he can't access my ref link cuz he's barred from the TM.


17-11-2006 21:04:19

So...IM him it? lol


18-11-2006 07:47:14

I tried to PM him back, but he was offline and Yahoo said the msg could not be delivered. If his yahoo email is the same as his IM ID, I sent him an email as well.


19-11-2006 17:02:36

I'm green on xbox360.freepay. I'm sorry for the delay.

Thanks again.


19-11-2006 17:13:59

He is green. Thank you for finally doing so, double_d.