Giftchaos Network is a possible fraud also speedyfreebies

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12-11-2006 19:15:42

I been waiting for my DS Lite since OCT 15. I finished this site a long time before that just that was the suppose shipping date, since then only excuses have been placed on why the gift has not been sent. Watchout do not do this site till he ships everything out to everyone that he owes. Lets go jay lets get this worked out. Check on anything4free many people have no had there gifts yet. Do not do any of his sites till he pays up to his obligations if he cant fulfill his pass obligations, there is little chance of keeping future obligations. I am hoping though that this can be solved with jay as I like the look of his sites and his promotions, but he needs to prove that he runs a legit network.


12-11-2006 23:24:00

He posted at A4F about the problem with epassporte due to which he cant ship at the moment


13-11-2006 04:46:40

This problem is taking way too long to resolve, he can give me something else a giftcard, paypal, hell epassport. He says merchants reject it so just send me the damn epassport to me.


13-11-2006 04:49:57

Well I read that. His paypal is closed.

And I think most of his cash is blocked with epassporte so at the moment he doesnt have more funds to send them.