YGF is nearing 50?!

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07-11-2006 02:04:22

Can someone please look into this

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Why is he pretending to be 22 when he's actually 49? This can be done by searching his name on any background info checking site. You don't even have to pay for this information.

unknown uchiha

07-11-2006 02:16:47

Stop posting this everywhere. Shut up.

Why don't we compare ALL the Robert Kauffmans in the state of Florida?

You get a LOT of results. Maybe his middle name isn't registered? Huh? HUH?


07-11-2006 04:24:18

There really isn't a need to post this more than once.


07-11-2006 06:02:53

hmmm, i just realized i am not 97. arrest me please!