Beware of biggie - He went red for false information

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24-10-2006 18:33:40


This was a nocc.ygf

A user you referred,, has been placed on hold. Your status is not affected when a referral is placed on hold, but they do not count toward your referral requirements. Here is the explanation we gave them

False Information It has been found that you have provided false information, either to us or one of our affiliates through an offer.

The following notes were also included

You used a proxy


27-10-2006 14:06:07

say his name in the mirror of 3 times


27-10-2006 14:34:31

It says he used a proxy, and MAY have used false information.


28-10-2006 09:31:32

Oh for God sake, liI'mli a scammer? Do you know how many people I've had trades with who haven't fulfilled their side of the bargain? I've completed EVERY single trade I've been liable for i.e. if the person ever paid me or did a site for me I completed my side of the bargain. The dude above me said I went red and wanted his paypal money back which he never sent me - how could he? I hadnt gone green yet so didnt even tell him my paypal address!

That said although I've technically been on this forum for a year I'm still very inexperienced (havent received any free product yet). I didnt know about this concept of going red, I thought there was just green and yellow. I dont know what this concept is of using a proxy, I dont know how to use one, nor did I know there was anything wrong with it. I did this from work though (I think) and limaybeli they have a proxy built in?
Either way I think its pretty cheap of the dude above to have created a thread calling me a scammer without first clearing up the issue with me.


28-10-2006 10:45:50

where does it say he MAY of used false information?

False Information It has been found that [b2fa47d94f3]you have provided false information[/b2fa47d94f3] , either to us or one of our affiliates through an offer.

and I was just letting everyone know that you gave false information and that you went red so they would have to use caution when trading with you.