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24-10-2006 13:35:29

hi all
so i am going to be on vacation essentially starting this coming monday 10/30 returning 11/6 (out of the country)
I will likely be unable to check the board and definitely unable to access any of my free site accounts during this time period.
I will not be home but will be able to access the board from
10/28 & 10/29
11/6 (late) - 11/12
thereafter i will be home.
how will this impact you?

well, if we are currently in a trade I will be likely unable to do anything while out of the country.

during other times i will be able to access the board but will be unable to access trading sites to check greens, etc. I will be able to access my paypal account

I have very few active trades going on right now and hope to finish most up by the time I leave.
Please note that from now until friday i will still be seeking signups and will mention this vacation when setting up trades.
i will have a ting and rum for you and say hi to the tropical fish )


27-10-2006 08:16:20

looks like i liwillli be home sooner than I thought, just not working )
will be able to check accounts possibly as early as 11/9
i will have a pina colada for ya )


06-11-2006 21:46:20

back on the comp. cant check accounts til wednesday nite