emanuel128 ON HOLD

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23-10-2006 16:08:22

I got a message from YGF admin, emanuel128 was placed on HOLD for

A user you referred, email==emanuel128@hotmail.comemanuel128@hotmail.com=emanuel128@hotmail.comemanuel128@hotmail.com/email, has been placed on hold. Your status is not affected when a referral is placed on hold, but they do not count toward your referral requirements. Here is the explanation we gave them

False Information It has been found that you have provided false information, either to us or one of our affiliates through an offer.

The following notes were also included

You used a proxy

I did a site for him in return already.


23-10-2006 16:21:00

I know thats not right cause i placed my order since i got 11 refs...

I never used a proxy...Shaggz can prove this, Its my INternet service provider that changes IP once a while...

i talked to the admin about it and SHaggz did too. Shaggz told him everything about it

EDIT Would you want paypal for it? I already wasted like $180 for my 11 refs i got over at A4F and Referral Swapper...Let me know if you want you paypal.

unknown uchiha

23-10-2006 16:27:15



23-10-2006 16:29:04


RoadRunner from Time Warner Cable

unknown uchiha

23-10-2006 16:38:23

Strange. AOL is owned by Time Warner though right? Might be a recurring thing from their services.


23-10-2006 16:45:42

yeah i think so because i used to use AOL back then but i switched to roadrunner in MAY 2005 and all i had to do was call time warner to switch for roadrunner. No installation needed.

So i guess its own by the same company but the ADMIN from YGF said that i am using a proxy...but when i go to whatismyip.com, The IP that comes out is different from the proxy he tells me.

I checked my firefox connection settings, i dont have anything filled up, just DIRECT CONNECTION TO THE INTERNET is checked...

dont know where he got that proxy from


23-10-2006 16:54:12

I have Comcast and my IP pdates sometimes


23-10-2006 16:59:59

i dont think updating IP is any problem but the IP or proxy that he gives me is no where found in my connection settings, pc etc...I already gave him all my ip address but "he sees a proxy under my account" which i dont know where it came from so i will remain on hold....

i went to whatsmyip.com and the ip i got is different from the one he told me that he finds it as a proxy


24-10-2006 09:50:22

My personal opinion and the info I have on emanual128 from being a Mod at RS is enough proof that emanual128 is not using a proxy, but this decision is not up to me, and is YGF's final decision.


24-10-2006 12:06:29

One of the IP's logged in our db from you resolves to a proxy.


24-10-2006 12:43:16

I dont know what to say man, but i never have used a proxy...It must be from my Internet company because ive never used a proxy.

EDIT According to Free4mePeter's Thread on A4F about AOL users, maybe thats my company fault because i use Roadrunner which is own by Time Warner Cable. Same goes to AOL and Earthlink, both are own by Taime warner cable...I only use my home computer to go on freebie sites but got no problem on free4me, order4free,trainn and anygift4free...


24-10-2006 13:30:54

i think hes just trying to take our money! why else is this necessary
[quote9d57e7de6e] YourGiftsFree.com is allowed to place any account on hold for any reason. [/quote9d57e7de6e]


24-10-2006 16:16:41

[quote6df9ecf825="d11m"]i think hes just trying to take our money! why else is this necessary
[quote6df9ecf825] YourGiftsFree.com is allowed to place any account on hold for any reason. [/quote6df9ecf825][/quote6df9ecf825]

Whenever a site owner puts someone on hold, they have their reason(s)! Yes, they are doing this for themselves, to cover their ass, so they don't loss money!


24-10-2006 16:20:55

I know that owners have reason to put any one on HOld to protect themselves but i didnt purposely use any kind of proxy or frauded or double sign ups etc....everything i did was legit. The proxy thing must be from the Internet Company....Since i use Roadrunner from time warner cable that runs AOL and earthlink.

he is getting paid from the offers my referrals completed and the offer i did cause it was LEGIT , no proxy used...Ive paid like $23-25 for my refferals to sign up over at A4F and ref swapper...and did some site 4 site trade.

I guess its the IP problem with my internet because AOL users have that problem since its from Time Warner Cable..

BTW i already paid Tyler for going on hold....


24-10-2006 16:27:03

He has paid me.


24-10-2006 18:24:50

If you log in or register with a proxy it is an automatic hold.

EVERY site has something like this in their TOS

[quote[YourGiftsFree.com is allowed to place any account on hold for any reason


24-10-2006 22:26:52

[quoteaac8930b5d]..EVERY site has something like this in their TOS.. [/quoteaac8930b5d]
i guess thats the difference between a grade A and a grade D site


25-10-2006 04:11:50

If your referring to Grade A on A4F the check their TOS's, they do ;)