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23-10-2006 14:46:55

well, i hate to do this but it has been quite a while since I have heard from him.
We decided to trade when my brother wanted to his auction. this was in july. To make a long story short, I kept everyone update who did not have credit. He did not PM me back asking for my brother to do another offer, ask why it is taking so long, etc. Instead he PMd me last month (i can find the exact date) in response to a PM of mine stating that he did not need the referral anymore. I PMd him back asking if he intended to back out or not. I had also mentioned that a trade is a trade...
So my brother went green after I figured out a number of mistakes on his end that delayed manual credit.
No response from palmers since I PM him over two weeks ago. He has not responded to a mod nor to my email to him.
So it seems he is cheating my brother out of his cash.
Please note that if he had told me that he needed the green for his last ref I would have
compromised and leaned on my brother harder to figure out what happened and I would have had him do another offer. If no one tells me they are close to finishing i figure they are like me and don't need the green right away...
so that is what is going on. i can post PMs here...
if u see this man, let us work this out


23-10-2006 14:49:51

From thepalmers03
To jy3
Posted Fri Sep 22, 2006 120 am
Subject Re trade update Quote message
jy3 wrote

[from me to him]
so evidently the new layout for trainn is confusing. there are two places to submit a manual credit, under click history and under file missing credit request. evidently the click history is the one that works. my brother did not know any better and after brainstorming about what was up we figured it out. so should be whatever time it takes now that they should be getting the manual credit for real. it would help if Alan had answered my PM 3 weeks ago...
anyway, sorry bout this

[his response]
It's okay. I don't need the green any more.

[end pm]
please note that i have realized that alan of trainn doesnt want questions asked over pms


23-10-2006 20:28:50

He is obligated to do his side of the trade.


26-10-2006 09:14:01

still havent heard a damn thing


06-11-2006 21:46:35

still nothing (


08-11-2006 14:39:53

thepalmers03 was just banned.


08-11-2006 14:40:50

thanks keith, looks like my poor brother got scammed. now to get him on hold at trainn for scamming my brother