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18-10-2006 14:58:18

Two members on 100.free4every1 went red. It was for offer fraud. One was pyt but he replied and is trying to get credit. He says he used true information. The other is Mhurricane. He hasn't tried to contact me for the last 3 days. He also has not refunded me. I want to see what Free4every1 has to say. If they don't pay on Friday I think they should be banned. I feel ripped off! evil evil evil evil evil


18-10-2006 15:04:24

MHurricane also went red on my free4every1.. PM'd him about $5 refund today


18-10-2006 16:30:35

He is either unknowingly frauding or a scammer.

unknown uchiha

18-10-2006 16:43:14

Free4Every1 had to revoke a lot of credits for one of their offers this month due to fraud, it's posted on A4F.


18-10-2006 18:21:43

So basically they all got holded. If they don't refund me I they will get banned or something right?

unknown uchiha

18-10-2006 18:39:27

It's only what, $5? Just chill out and give it some time.


18-10-2006 20:30:21

just register at a4f and pm hurricane there. i think he has a thread there


18-10-2006 20:31:42

also maybe this will teach you why this site recommends two people with TR < 3 do not trade.


18-10-2006 20:35:27

me (113344 PM) hey, id rather just take the $5 as its kinda clear youre not getting off hold /
mmsbolt signed off at 113406 PM.

he didnt block me, but just gotta hate that crap. also, he read my pm and yet didnt reply or anything.


19-10-2006 04:29:53

actually Its like $9. I don't want to spend that money again. I want a REFUND!


19-10-2006 06:48:14

PM a mod too


19-10-2006 07:36:07

[quotecfb5c4c581="jy3"]just register at a4f and pm hurricane there. i think he has a thread there[/quotecfb5c4c581]

He's banned for scamming there. (


19-10-2006 14:32:36

i will refund your money tommorw corim i said if this doesnt get fixed, i am still trying to contact the admin because i dont know what i did wrong to get my account on hold, just wait till tommorow and i will either refund or go green again


19-10-2006 15:14:48

Ok. I just wanted to let everybody know. On Friday if you go green after you refund me then I will pay you again.


19-10-2006 16:22:48

glad u guys are working this out)


19-10-2006 16:54:10

yeah, its just really annoying because the admin wont reply to my support ticket


20-10-2006 13:48:31

Then you should pm him here on the site.


21-10-2006 10:52:58

mhurricane didnt complete our trade but if he's red on free4every1 then he will be red on mine too, he is MIA and I havent talked to him since the trade was initiated close to two weeks ago. pyt went on hold on christmas.free4ebvery1 so we just called the trade off, no harm no foul. Still waiting on my other previous FIPG trade to respond, said he went green but he's not even on my list (sigh) I have the worst luck with nocc sites on FIPG, lol..


21-10-2006 11:18:16

i recommend you dont pay him or trade with him because he went red on all his acocunts at free4every1, he went red under me, and i asked him for $5 in PM's, he read all of them and didnt do anything, so i IM him and he signs off 2 seconds later, i pm'd a mod about him already


21-10-2006 11:35:17

he went red for me on thisvideogameisfree due to a mistake, the trade was cancelled - i had never paid him. he is still green on thisxbox360gear though.


22-10-2006 06:44:44

Pyt has refunded me.


22-10-2006 11:04:21

nothing from mhurricane to me yet.. i pm'd a mod few days ago so we'll see, also he signed on yesterday and i im'd him, no answer


22-10-2006 15:06:42

No response from him either..


02-11-2006 11:57:10

according to TSJ, he hasnt been on since the 18th, and he has till november 6th to deal with his hissues or hes banned from a4f

just talked to him on aim as well, no response again.

another scammer O_O


05-11-2006 05:41:45

So he only has 1 more day.


09-11-2006 12:17:38

he got banned from a4f



11-11-2006 06:58:06

Yes please.