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17-10-2006 11:24:51


Today after 2 months I found him online. Asked him about my site.. Check these logs...

[2348] ME Hey
[2348] yahknow2004 hey
[2349] ME this is gautam from fipg
[2349] ME u were suppoed 2 d
[2349] ME do ordecash 4 me abt 2 months back
[2349] ME i paid u but you never did it
[2349] yahknow2004 yea
[2350] yahknow2004 i mnot gonna thanks. I tried to reason with everyone on that forum, but you people are rude. I never went out to "scam" anyone. If that was my intention I would have done it earlier. I was a posting member of the community there.
[2350] yahknow2004 So many of those people have their head in their asses.
[2351] ME so basically you want to say you wont do it for me ?
[2351] ME well if you dont do and dont respond for days, people have to start worrying
[2351] yahknow2004 exactly
[2351] yahknow2004 so do your chargeback.
[2351] yahknow2004 thanks Im done with that forum.
[2352] yahknow2004 I got scammed by 3 people on there, but the admins and mods said there was nothing they could do about it.
[2352] ME that is NOt my problem..
[2352] ME that is ur problem
[2353] yahknow2004 ok
[2353] ME if you are not careful yo will get scammed
[2353] yahknow2004 ok



17-10-2006 11:25:52

He said I am done with that forum.. That means he might be at a4f, can mods pl. get him banned....


17-10-2006 12:11:09

well he makes no sense, just because he got scammed 3 times doesnt mean he has the right to scam others, hate people like that.


17-10-2006 15:05:58

No shit.

If people scammed back every time they got scammed, this entire forum would be scammers.