Stop the random IMs....

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09-10-2006 15:07:37

I just got another random IM from a Fipg member asking if I could do their site. I haven't even posted in the trading section in probably 2 months. Do any of you get these IMs and are they okay?


09-10-2006 15:11:21

Same here. I want to keep my AIM public so people who want to contact me can but I don't want random people asking me about trades.

I wish I had $1 for every random trade related IM that I have ever received.


09-10-2006 15:11:27

I get them sometimes. I ask them who they are, and I happily either acknowledge their offer or decline it. )


09-10-2006 15:14:02

Hey FOAFY...he was actually your friend. )


09-10-2006 16:30:33

Just report them to a mod. Include as much identifying info as possible.

It's a minimum 7-day ban in my book.


09-10-2006 16:34:45

[quote74a14638e0="gruffer"]Hey FOAFY...he was actually your friend. )[/quote74a14638e0]
What do you mean?