Get5Friends is a Scam!

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30-09-2006 13:30:20

This site has caused more problems for many members than I care to remember. Wtf is wrong with you guys at getfriends network? Are you scammers or are you gonna send those gifts your members earned out?
This is just ridiculous, your worse than freepay.

Ive been waiting a Month + now and my account is still "processing". All the while I get this gay automated responses to my support tickets. They all state that they are approving everyone's account "now" and that they will ship items and paypal out the following day. Yeah right you scumbags, ive gotten that same response 4-5 times already.

Jeez, so what are you? A Scam or a FREEBIE site?


30-09-2006 13:55:43

It isn't too bad compared to freepay...

unknown uchiha

30-09-2006 14:52:17

The owner is known to go AWOL for no reason at times. She can be better reached at A4F under the name "Pookie".

Machiavelli X

30-09-2006 16:42:28

I have been waiting a month for approval. This is get6friends. This whole network is a joke.


30-09-2006 16:51:09

i was thinking about doing get6friends, but i guess i wont be ?


30-09-2006 18:35:47

They're legit......barely.


30-09-2006 20:35:49

yeah i have stayed away except to do signups in trades


01-10-2006 08:15:55

They are legit, just dont expect good customer service and expect a long wait for payment.


01-10-2006 12:14:58

I thought they had gotten better for some reason, that's why I did get6friends. I don't care how long processing takes as long as I get paid eventually without any going red


01-10-2006 14:25:07

Get4Friends took FOREVERRRR for me.


01-10-2006 14:34:10

Get6Friends took two months for me.