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30-09-2006 00:02:38

He went red for me and I read some other threads that he is having problems with. I just pm'd him and if he clears it up I will post here, but for now watch out for him.

unknown uchiha

30-09-2006 00:22:07

Which site did he go red for? From his other thread, it seems that he put his TRAINN accounts in jeopardy on purpose just to "get back" at Cams.


30-09-2006 04:20:36

TRAINN I'm good on, I sent them an email about that, and they said as long as I don't violate the terms on other sites, the only one that would be put on hold was the one I signed up for twice. This was for Free4Me.

Stagim, I've already refunded your money for both sites, but please understand, I have done nothing wrong here, and I'm trying to get it cleared up. It looks like the owner, Peter, is out of town this weekend, but I've posted asking for his help in a support ticket, and on A4F (where he seems to be pretty active). I know that nobody believes this because everyone always says the same thing, but I'm on hold for having two gadgets accounts, and I don't know why - I only have one. I'd never heard of this network until a week ago, and I've signed up for three network sites since then, as part of paid trades totalling $141. I'd been paid $66 so far, and just refunded that to stagim, so I've now made no money off these trades, and I've spent $50+ completing offers for the three sites. I'm out quite a bit if I don't get it cleared up, but I'm explaining this because it's important to me that people see that I'm not profiting here. There is absolutely no incentive for me to have signed up multiple times (and I'm sure it can be confirmed that I've not had two trades for the same site), and there's no way I could have done it accidentally without realizing that I'd already signed up once, because a) it's only been a week since my first signup, I would remember signing up before and b) I only have one trade for macs, one for hotstuff, and one for gadgets, so there would be no reason for me to try sign up again without realizing I'd already done it.


30-09-2006 07:21:13

Thanks for clearing this up snickers. I got the money back from paypal so everything is good.


30-09-2006 08:33:53

Just wanted to make a note here, since the post stagim left kinda makes it sound like Paypal refunded his money.

My accounts on Free4Me went red last night. I refunded his Paypal at like 4am today, when I woke up and had a PM from him.


30-09-2006 08:46:11

Snikers I pm'd you too. Not trying to be skeptical but I have to cover my butt


01-10-2006 16:59:33

95% of people who go red on fre4me network are never taken off.

You went on holkd on my gadgets, therfore I got a green elsehwere and am not on shipping soon status.

Even if you are taken off hold, which I doubt, out tarde is off after the PM you sent me.


01-10-2006 18:04:55

pssssh, i love freebies


01-10-2006 18:09:12

[quote44249ef1dd="cams874"]pssssh, i love freebies[/quote44249ef1dd]

What the Fuck?


01-10-2006 20:19:36

[quote169491a39f="Commander"]95% of people who go red on fre4me network are never taken off.

You went on holkd on my gadgets, therfore I got a green elsehwere and am not on shipping soon status.

Even if you are taken off hold, which I doubt, out tarde is off after the PM you sent me.[/quote169491a39f]

95% of people who go on hold probably did something wrong. I did not, so I expect to be in the 5% who get taken off.

Their mistake is not my fault, and if/when I get my green back, I'll expect you to pay per our trade. Once I go back green, it will be clear that I did not do anything wrong in our trade, and you will have no reason not to pay me other than me not going green quick enough, and I don't know the forum rules on that, but it's only been a few days since our trade was initiated.


01-10-2006 20:41:30

No it's been way over a week for a start. And our trade was made so you'd get me an instant green not an instant red.

[quote76c6e00843]So don't cry to me about your $200 iPod nano, because you're not the only one losing out here. In fact, all you have to do is get one more referral and wait another month. Big fucking deal, if I don't get it straightened out, I'll NEVER get my money. [/quote76c6e00843]

You even told me to get another referral and not to cry about it so I didn't cry and got my referral and will be paid tomorrow.


01-10-2006 20:47:33

No complaints from me. Went green, stayed green, passed approval and I should be paid within the next few days.


01-10-2006 21:13:27

[quote0cd94cbfaf="theysayjump"]No complaints from me. Went green, stayed green, passed approval and I should be paid within the next few days.[/quote0cd94cbfaf]

No complaits from me either, greened instantly although I havent requested approval ?


02-10-2006 08:23:05

Commander, first, the trade was setup Sep 25 at about 1115am CST, which makes an hour from now exactly one week.

Also, I want to post our entire trade conversation. This will be kind of hard to follow because there is so much quoted text, and at first we were both adding to the bottom, then we started adding to the top, but here's our entire conversation. At no point was it ever made to seem like the trade was dependent upon instant green (although it seemed desirable, but when is it not?). I think that you were not only not clear about me having to wait for payment, which I accepted, you were not clear that the trade had to be completed in a certain amount of time. Plus, you took a couple sentences out of context to make it sound like I was jumping on you, when in reality, you jumped on me first, I was responding, I feel pretty calmly, to a situation that has us both frustrated. And my statement was not one telling you to get a replacement, it was obviously me stating only that you had less to lose than I do if it doesn't get cleared up.

If the mods think you should not have to pay if I go back green, proving that I did nothing wrong, then that's fine, I'll deal with it. But I think you should be able to say that even though you've already completed the site with someone else, if I didn't do anything wrong, and got you the green as we agreed, you will still pony up the money you agreed to pay.

[quoteb9948a9594="Commander"]Dont fucking vry to me you little scamming cunt. Fuck your money. i got my other ref already. Now fuck off.

[quoteb9948a9594="snickers"]Hey man, seriously, I'm just as pissed as you are, because I was counting on that money. I didn't do shit wrong, and if I can't get it straightened out, I'm out a lot of money. Not only were you going to pay me, but I've already gotten $26 for doing hotstuff and $40 up-front for doing macs, which I have to pay back, plus I'll lose another $40 that I was going to get when macs was completed, so it's a $140 swing for me. Oh, and let's not forget the offers I've done on those three sites ... macs Allura ($10), Celladerm($9), Party Poker (actually won $15), and Super Foods Rx($6), gadgets HostGator ($10 so far, $10 next month), and Hotstuff Great Fun ($1) and Traveler's Advantage ($1). Even with my $15 winnings included, I'm still $32 out-of-pocket on the offers. So it's about $175 it's costing me. So don't cry to me about your $200 iPod nano, because you're not the only one losing out here. In fact, all you have to do is get one more referral and wait another month. Big fucking deal, if I don't get it straightened out, I'll NEVER get my money.

I've done two offers on macs that haven't been credited yet, and I've had no-credit tickets open there for 2 days that haven't gotten a response, so I'm not expecting an instant response to my ticket entered today asking why I was put on hold.
[quoteb9948a9594="support ticket"]
On 09/29/06 user wrote
This says my account is on hold for having multiple gadgets accounts, but I don't. I heard of this network for the first time a week ago, and signed up last weekend for hotstuff, then for gadgets, and then a couple days ago (Monday I think) for macs. I had never signed up, or even seen, any of these sites prior to that, and I'm 100% positive I haven't opened two accounts in the past week on any of the three sites. Please help me understand why you think I have multiple accounts.[/quoteb9948a9594]
[quoteb9948a9594="Commander"]FUCKING GERAT!!

My order is also denied. Thanks a bunch!

[quoteb9948a9594="snickers"]Before you start worrying, I just logged in to my macs.free4me account and it says I'm on hold for having multiple gadgets accounts. This is NOT true, and I'm already trying to get to the bottom of it. I had never even heard of this network until I signed up for hotstuff as part of a trade a week and a half ago.

[quoteb9948a9594="Commander"]Yup. I put in my order and the deadline is usually sat at midnight. then they verify up until payday. As soon as I am verified(sun ore mon) I will give your cash.

[quoteb9948a9594="snickers"]Just following up ... I noticed that you have 3/3 referrals for your nano no gadgets, so I'm assuming you have already submitted for approval. Do you know how long this network usually takes to approve? I'd like to get this trade cleared out of my trade module.


[quoteb9948a9594="Commander"]I should be putting in for approval thisa week, if not thisa week 100% next week.

[quoteb9948a9594="snickers"]How long till you submit for approval? You just kinda threw the word "approved" in the middle of the sentence, not exactly the same as "I'll pay you once you get approved". I can see how you might have intended that to be the agreement, without me realizing that was your intent, but in the future, I think it would be better for you to make that more clear to avoid confusion. It's a point of contention in lots of trades, and frequently a deal-killer, and since it's not "the norm", it should really be explicitly agreed to by both parties. The scam report on me was created by someone AFTER I reported him for attempting to scam me, but I do understanding you wanting to wait. But you need to give me a "drop-dead" date, it's completely unfair to keep me waiting for an indeterminate amount of time. How about you pay me by a week from today, or when I pass approval, whichever comes first?

[quoteb9948a9594="Commander"]Dont want to be funny but read the part in my quote below that I just highlighted. After you rapproved green. You had a scamers report open thats why I asked. thought you agreed.

[quoteb9948a9594="snickers"]There was no mention of waiting until you go through approval, and I'm Paypal Verified 1000+, so there should be no need to wait until approval. If you had mentioned that, I wouldn't have done the trade. How do I know when you go through approval? You could tell me for the next 5 months that you still need a couple more referrals, and just wait it out until I give up on asking for it. That's not part of the "lower TR goes first" rules.

[quoteb9948a9594="Commander"]Yes mate I will pay but its not approved yet... BUT WOW that was quick )

[quoteb9948a9594="snickers"]Well that didn't take long ... I'm green for HostGator on gadgets.free4me!

Paypal address is in the trade module ( If you want to go ahead and setup the trade for gear.f4m, I should be able to do it tonight. Also, please go ahead and request TR, and I'll do the same after receiving the payment.


[quoteb9948a9594="Commander"][quoteb9948a9594="snickers"][quoteb9948a9594="Commander"][quoteb9948a9594="snickers"][quoteb9948a9594="Commander"][quoteb9948a9594="snickers"]Only free4me site I've done is hotstuff, so these are both available to me, but I'm curious ... why are you paying moer for gadgets? Are there different offers on each of them, or do they both have pretty much the same offers, but gadgets is harder to find people who can still do it? If the offers are essentially the same as hotstuff offers (free trials, pay s/h, for 1 or 1/2 credit), then I'll do both for you, if you still need them. If so, please setup the trades, and I'll get started.


I pay more for gadgets because some offers are 1/3 1/2 or full. Depending on which ones.

gear is all full credits so its easy )

let me know if you still wanna do both. Plus do you want paypal or visas?[/quoteb9948a9594]

Yeah, I'll do both, and I prefer Paypal. I'll be watching for the trades to be setup.


Setting them up now mate. We'll do 1 at a time ok because i have a few in my trade module lol. [bb9948a9594]Try to do instant mate so I can pay you fast too once you get your approved green.[/bb9948a9594]

Setting up now, please be sure to give me your PP address and Offer done.

thank you.


Kris, I'm sorry, but I can't an instant offer on gadgets.

All the offers on there for instant full credit are at least $50, except for one $25 one (Mercy Ships) which is no longer available.

The least expensive 1/2 credit offers are a $50 work from home thing, and carleton sheets, which say $10, but looks like it's $30 on the website, but either way, the minimum to get instant credit on 1/2 credit offers is $60.

I don't even think there are 3 instant 1/3 credit offers that I haven't done yet.

I signed up for HostGator, 2-3 days to get credit, on their plan that is $10/mo. It is a full credit offer.

I put the offer I did, and my paypal address ( in the trade information.


Aww dude your mad lol. You dont need to pay for gadgets. Party Poker and blackjack balroom are free. Even though you deposit you dont need to play. You just wait for green then withdraw )

Anyway Keep me posted once your green mate )



04-10-2006 17:27:09

Commander sounds like a complete asshole. Damn, and he wasn't even losing anything either.