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29-09-2006 10:44:52

The day yournintendowii4free came out I paid this user $29 to complete an offer and green. She said she did an offer and filed for no credit after it wasn't greening. Well, I believe it has been over a month now and she has yet to green. I'm not sure what to do, I've been contacting her every few days and she told me recently she did another offer but that didn't credit either. Now I don't know whether to believe her on this or not, but regardless I certainly don't want to wait another month.


29-09-2006 10:55:58

Just wanted to say though, I also paid someone within the first 2 days the wii site came out, and they are also requesting credit and still waiting on it, so it might just be Trainn.

You can always send in a support ticket asking if she has requested manual, I did that and they verified that my ref did indeed submit for manual credit.


29-09-2006 11:23:32

I kinda had a bad experience with retro, i paid like $23 for a green on ipods.123stuff4free. She told me that she completed an offer when it was like after a week, but it took like anothe week for her to finally green. "she had to complete another offer." So yeah I did get a green from retro but it was not instant.


29-09-2006 13:18:49

yeah i'm mostly frustrated because I'm 4/5 now and want to finish this ASAP

would pay/trade someone else but then I'd feel like my $29 to Retro was wasted.


29-09-2006 14:12:40

i would just wait it out till you find out whats going on, ask for your money back and if you get it back then find someone else, if not then just wait it out, but it sucks though


03-10-2006 19:00:14

i'm in a trade with her right now, she had a really high TR, but i forgot to check this thread, paid her PP for a site, but she hasnt completed an offer yet, and never answers PMs....

i read back in some other thread, tsj said she is a trusted trader and comes through, so im hoping for the best on this one


03-10-2006 19:49:48

I had no idea Retro was still around.


03-10-2006 19:51:07

[quote4f7f2784ce="johnjimjones"]I had no idea Retro was still around.[/quote4f7f2784ce]

Same here. One of my first trades was with her. It went pretty smoothly.


03-10-2006 19:54:28

[quote87c45a3626="Daggoth"][quote87c45a3626="johnjimjones"]I had no idea Retro was still around.[/quote87c45a3626]

Same here. One of my first trades was with her. It went pretty smoothly.[/quote87c45a3626]

Yeah she was my first trade too.


03-10-2006 20:10:18

remember to PM a mod and her as well before you post here.


03-10-2006 20:13:28

[quote6ef8e31d4d="jy3"]remember to PM a mod and her as well before you post here.[/quote6ef8e31d4d]

true, im not flaming, nor reporting her as a scammer, because i know shes not. just following up other people's post with my experience and what i read in a different thread that mods vouch for her, so not to call her out


06-10-2006 13:35:27

That's interesting [b14fa1bc1d3]djmoksha[/b14fa1bc1d3] that you said I didn't answer pms when at the time you posted that statement, I had been in a thread with you for a whole day lol
Nope, I'm not green for you yet, but I can post a screenshot of my offer showing as pending and the money for the offer having been taken out of my account so I don't think anyone should be worried.

I actually didn't even know [b14fa1bc1d3]Flip[/b14fa1bc1d3] had started the post. I got really lazy with his site and I really do apologize for that. I offered up a refund and sent it to him. My fault totally and I admit that.

And sorry, [b14fa1bc1d3]zr2152[/b14fa1bc1d3], I don't even remember the trade with you so I can't comment.

Additionally, I'd like to say, that sometimes I don't answer PMs 2 seconds after they're sent. I'm a 21 year old Senior in College with a job and an internship and sometimes I like to hang out with my friends... I'm sorry.

And I agree with [b14fa1bc1d3]jy3[/b14fa1bc1d3] you should pm a mod first because had I been a scammer who was going to run with your money, creating a thread wouldn't have scared me. But maybe a mod would? haha

And [b14fa1bc1d3]johnjimjones[/b14fa1bc1d3] I stopped coming around but then came back to trade. And as much as I wanted to jump in on the conversations on the forum, I felt like a douche jumping back in when I'd been gone for so long lol


06-10-2006 17:12:04

yeah I got my refund, so my case is resolved.

thanks alot