Trexprizes = scam (resolved)

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28-09-2006 09:49:01

[quoteac6cddd575="batman129"]I'm sure many of you are wondering what's going on. No, it was not a mistake that TrexPrizes Mike has been BANNED from Anything4Free, but you do deserve to know why.

He was involved in some serious FRAUD and has scammed other Mods and Site Owners out of lots of money. We take this very serious here, which is why he has been BANNED. Furthermore, we have moved the Trex Prizes Forum to SCAMS & CLOSED sites, due to its site owner's behavior.

We encourage you to STOP pursuing his sites, as this will only reinforce his fraudulent behavior. I'm sorry for anyone who has lost money because of this, but if you have any information please post it here so we can help him pay the consequences for his actions.

Thank you, [/quoteac6cddd575]
Well, I got paid $250 from their site, but I guess it's a scam now. The owner does owe me $40 for being his Prizebook ref. He's been ignoring me on AIM.
Just thought I'd let this community know as well. So do these sites at your own risk. ;)


28-09-2006 13:05:34

What's his name on here?


28-09-2006 13:15:18




28-09-2006 16:20:19

I've seen some legit sites with the same script. So it would've fooled me. Thanks for the heads-up!

FreeEnterprize Joe

02-10-2006 18:39:35

The site itself has not scammed anyone (at least to my knowledge). However, one of the co-owners (Mike) was caught committing offer fraud and so he was banned from A4F and the site demoted to scam.


02-10-2006 21:06:31

Report him to Prizebook Killer.


08-10-2006 17:23:33

I have already paid him thanks.

green lazer

08-10-2006 21:26:15

whats going on?

he just pm ed me for a trade. is it safe?


08-10-2006 21:28:32

he has been paid I'm legit I hope you still want to trade.


08-10-2006 21:37:25

Heh, forgot about this thread. Yeah he paid me.