Who is matthewthompson23@yahoo.ca? ** RESOLVED **

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Machiavelli X

23-09-2006 20:50:44

He did a offer for me and now his account is on hold. Does anyone know who he is? Thanks!


23-09-2006 22:29:23

PM a Mod and ask them to see if that email is registered on the forums.


23-09-2006 22:44:40

[quoteefa670adb0="compuguru"]PM a Mod and ask them to see if that email is registered on the forums.[/quoteefa670adb0]


unknown uchiha

23-09-2006 23:21:48


Oh. Nevermind I was gonna say DMorris but then I realized the name...


24-09-2006 06:23:17

His AIM is MattayThompson.


24-09-2006 06:35:48



24-09-2006 09:31:27

What!? Thats my email!!! What site did I go on hold for?!?! What the heck.....


24-09-2006 15:59:36

ok i sent him back the paypal he sent me for the original trade, and im contacting admin of get6friends to see if my account can come off hold.

This is resolved, please change the title of this thread or lock it.

Thankyou for your co-operation.

Machiavelli X

24-09-2006 16:21:24

Yeah, great resolution. Thanks shark. He took care of it very quick. Thanks mate!


24-09-2006 16:26:02

Well, first I'd like to say "good job folks," as that's how you work out trade problems! Let that be an example for everyone to follow.

However, this whole public spectacle could have been avoided if the OP had PM'd a mod to lookup TigerShark's account, and then PM'd him. Sometimes holds happen for mysterious and even incorrect reasons, so there's no need to call someone out publicly until they're given the chance to respond. ;)

Thread title updated and thread locked.

Oh yeah, nice avatar TigerShark. P