SNICKERS is a scammer, I lost 35 bucks and a green to him!

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22-09-2006 11:57:30

I gave him 35 dollars to a green for me on yourfreevideoipods and at the same time i did a green on 3604free for a guy over at refstop in exchange for my yourfreevideoipods, well guess what, those two people are the same person! He scammed me and I want something done about it! He did two reffs for me on the same site, they both are gonna go red and i paid him 35 dollars and did a green for him! It makes me sick! Then he sent me a pm with all this private info, i guess he was tryin to scare me or something! Here is the copy of the pm(with the personal info taken out)!

please help me out guys,

snicker has just sent me this message, its kinda scaring me man, honestly

what happened is that he signed up for my yourfreevideoipods site twice, once on here, the other on refstop, i am really scared and i just want some help man, please

From snickers
To cams874
Posted Fri Sep 22, 2006 950 am
Subject Thanks
I know this is going to piss you off, but like I said before, karma is a bitch. I am, from Refstop. Yes, I've signed up under you twice on TRAINN's video iPod site, and yes, both will go red, and I've already notified the admins of that site that this is the case, so they will probably go red before you even request approval.

When you started brushing me off on that site, I started looking for details about who you were on the 'net (in case you're wondering, there's a lot of info ... you're a bowler, amateur rocketeer, in beta club at (city)High School who collects yu-gi-oh cards and matchbox cars, lives on (street) with his mom, (moms name), and step-dad (step dads) name. Even your phone number and the girl you have a crush on are readily available for those who want to spend 15 minutes looking, as I did). One of the things I ran across was your post here asking for 2 referrals for the site I did, and you needed them quick (presumably so you could request approval, and it is still my belief, so you could get your item and not fulfill your end of the trade on Refstop).

I figured this was my opportunity to get compensated for the trade on Refstop, so I offered to sign up under you for pay. That is the reason that I required immediate payment. I was planning on announcing to the admins/mods here what was going on, and refund all but $20 to you (keeping the $20 to compensate me for losing the ability to do that site, and for the cost of the offer I did for trade, and the 2nd offer I had to do to get compensated for the first trade). What has now happened is, you've not been able to complete your site as quickly as you'd hoped, and you're afraid I was going to complain and you would get put on hold, so you tried to make it right by going ahead and doing my XBox360 TRAINN site.

While I'm happy that you finally did the right thing, it's put me in an unexpected position. As a result of this, here is what I propose. At this point, you have done one offer,, which is free, and based on the fact that you have done tons of trades, I seriously doubt it will stand up to inspection, so you've lost the ability to do a slightly less valuable, TRAINN site, lost the ability to do an offer you've probably already done before, and gotten zero good referrals from me. I have done two offers, Advantage Learning ($6.95) and Cortiban Ultra ($4.95), gotten paid $36, lost the ability to do a valuable TRAINN site, lost the ability to do two cheap, full-credit offers, and gotten (presumably) zero good referrals from you. Losing the ability to do a site cancels out, since we both lost that (although, I'm slightly more at risk, having signed up twice on one site, I could get put on hold on all TRAINN sites if the admin doesn't give me a break); getting zero good referrals cancels out, since neither of us got a good referral. That leaves me having paid $11.90 for offers, losing the ability to do two good offers, and you've paid me $36. My suggestion is, I keep $12 of the money you paid me, to offset my offer costs, I refund $24, and we walk away with me out nothing and you out $12 (which I believe is fair, since your attempt at scamming set this off to begin with, and I've lost the ability to do those offers in legitimate trades).

If you're agreeable to this, I will happily post on both refstop and here that everything is fine, we've worked everything out, and we can leave each other positive feedback on both sites and be done with it. The alternative is, I go ahead with my original plan to make this all public knowledge, and submit to the will of the user-base of this site. If they say I should pay you, should never have set on this course to begin with, and nobody trusts me anymore, I'll comply. If they say partial or full refund, I'll do it. But, be prepared for the consequence that the community says you should never have attempted your scam, and you're just out the full amount, and nobody trusts you anymore.

A couple other things I'd like to point out. The full conversations on both Refstop and here will be available to the community. And, I'm sorry to say, but I don't think anyone will believe your story about being out of town, and having a friend post for you, make trades for you, etc, without you telling a single person. I don't think anyone will believe that you've never done before today, and my guess is, someone will come forward, that you told you were doing for them. I don't think anyone will appreciate you rushing me in both cases to get done asap, and then having delay after delay in completing your part.

I am involved in several legitimate paid trades right now, and if this all comes to light, NEITHER of us will come away unscathed with a crystal clear reputation. But I do believe you will catch the worst end of it, because, after all, you were scamming me for no reason other than to scam. I got wise, and scammed you to make sure you were the one that paid, instead of me.

I'll wait to hear from you before I process the refund, if that's what you want.


22-09-2006 12:00:00


How about putting that in the thread where you're the one scamming him?