Own4Free = Scammer (Scam Site) Do not Do -- Proof Inside

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14-09-2006 05:38:00

I posted this using a bumped thread in "off-topic" earlier last night (this morning) .. .buturl==http://=http:///url I felt it should be cross-posted here as well so everyone can see it/read about it, and stop doing there sites.


My Post explaining = Post 11


14-09-2006 19:48:14

Nice investigative work. ;)

And I was so close to doing his PimpYourRide site....

unknown uchiha

14-09-2006 20:40:35

For some reason I can't view the board even though I'm logged in. Is it a private forum, did they delete the thread, or what happened?


14-09-2006 20:48:37

I can view it fine..

unknown uchiha

14-09-2006 21:09:25

Okay I can see it now, weird.