Mike775 -- Extremely Suspicious

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03-09-2006 22:32:16

Of course right before I leave to go to sleep...

[quote6efd2815dd]IcAnDrIvEnOw75 hey?
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 got ur sn from freeipodguide
TFOAF greenings
TFOAF who's this
TFOAF ligreetings
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 will u do offers for a friend whos on that site also, you'll get paid when you green
TFOAF lol because that just "works" right away
TFOAF who are you
TFOAF first of all
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 im on freeipodguide
TFOAF obviously
TFOAF what's your username
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 mike775
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 ?
TFOAF because i can trust you
TFOAF right?
TFOAF you just joined
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 well its for sumone else
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 that i met
TFOAF 2 posts
TFOAF and who is this person you met
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 uhh
TFOAF is he on FiPG
TFOAF and you have 0 TR...
TFOAF and you wanted me to go first, and I have no idea who you're talking about
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 TigerShark thats his username on freeipodguide
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 ?
TFOAF i'm already trading with him
TFOAF why would it go through you...beats me...
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 oh heh sorry
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 nvm
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 hey is it instant? like credit
TFOAF is what instant..
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 should it credit him automatically? or does it take awhile
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 if i do an offer
TFOAF on what site?!
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 uhh
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 true.com
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 but
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 i forget the site
TFOAF what the fuck
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 nvm
IcAnDrIvEnOw75 bye[/quote6efd2815dd]

Now I speak to TigerShark. He tells me that he asked him to sign up on some site for him, but Mike775 didn't want to. So I guess Mike775 decides to IM me, and ask me to sign up as TigerShark's referral, and Mike775 would pay me. I don't even know Mike775...?

Strange, eh?

Also...he just joined...so he has a 0 TR. I think this is a little messed up, eh?


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04-09-2006 07:20:18

I think he was just confused.