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29-08-2006 16:49:06

im not accussing him of anything, but i sent him $32 for 250.free4me and im'ed him about it
[quote6f14781e3d]AIM IM with cams874.
715 PM
Hello Are you there?
yeah, who is this
ill give you $32 for 250
k did u send the paypal
idk your paypal email
i normally wouldnt do it for 32

as soon as i recieve payment ill sign up and do the offer
im just trying to finish this fast
u got it
there is a lot of people that would ask for alot more then that the freebie world isnt very much free anymore lol
good, you're verified
i sent the money
man, you can barely get any profit anymore
i was gonna do get6friends
but that was really hard to get refs for
for some reason
720 PM
i tried yourfreevideoipods but i couldnt get nothing, so im just gonna sign up for sites and get money, however i did do energydrinks4free, its one of the best sites ive ever seen
yourfreevideoipods is hard
u do one site urself then u get 12 drinks, i did it already, im good friends with the owner
yeah i got redbull
lol it gives u wings
man, im waiting for this guy dazz over at fipg to do an offer
hopefully he'll do it
he has 18tr and signed up september 05 so he prob will
is it cool if im signed up on another free4me site cuz its giving me the option to use the same password
yeah, you use the same account
you didnt make seperate ones right?
725 PM
you there?
guess not...
cams874 has gone offline.[/quote6f14781e3d]
im just trying to be careful, but maybe im being way to careful P


29-08-2006 18:02:11

he's back,his power just happened to cut off at that time P
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