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27-08-2006 09:35:58

I recently did the new Trainn Wii site for somebody(Don't want to say who) and completed 3 "instant" offers. None of which credited, and it has been 1 day and I spent $12 already. I said I would request manual credit later and he says he will be done by then. He can't wait a week? I completed 3 offers, not my fault Trainn has bad crediting. You can't just leave and say too bad. You know my AIM S/N. IM me and I'll talk to you and if you want to be stubborn, I'll contact Trainn and see if they can have me moved to somebody else.

IM when you see this, you know who you are.


27-08-2006 12:37:08

if you didn't agree to very specific terms beforehand, thats bullshit and they need to wait the 8 days it takes you to ask for manual credit then give you the 10 days or whatever they ask for.

sounds like somebody with higher tr is trying to bully you around and is impatient. unless of course you agreed to a crediting period of time.


27-08-2006 12:46:34

You should never HAVE to do 3 offers for anyone. If you go green, they HAVE to pay you, even if you have finished the site.

Also, if three instant offers do not credit for you, the site has REALLY bad crediting or your doing something wrong. Use internet explorer and enable all your cookies.


27-08-2006 13:53:33

Yeah, I've had a bunch of problems with Trainn sites. I'm waiting on manual credit on yourfreevideoipods too. I'm using IE, clear my cookies before each offer and have done everything right. Thanks for the clarification guys.


27-08-2006 14:05:07

yeah i would never do 3 offers. we all have times when we go by the book and dont get credit. i waited two months for someone to green for me, i have had people wait as long for me. it happens. the worst is when the site tells you tehy are working on your credit and string you along...


27-08-2006 19:20:33

He says no of course, it's not his responsibility blah blah blah. So I'm just going to get moved if I can, or see if trainn get delete my account or something.


27-08-2006 20:10:29

[quote5a0f68014f="DIABLO"]He says no of course, it's not his responsibility blah blah blah. So I'm just going to get moved if I can, or see if trainn get delete my account or something.[/quote5a0f68014f]

No, it is his responsibility. Get manual credit and make him pay. Tell us his username.


27-08-2006 20:18:20

It is "flip". I already asked Trainn and really don't feel like trading with this guy, he's very un-reliable. He's just going to make more and more excuses along the way, and I'm never going to get paid. I made a post saying I could get transfered. The highest offer by tomorrow night gets me transfered to their account.

His account - http//


27-08-2006 20:23:54

That's disappointing behavior coming from a long-time member like flip. He should certainly know better. ?

Did Trainn tell you they would transfer your ref to another account? Of that I'm highly doubtful -- freebie sites NEVER do that, it would set an ugly precedent. The best you can usually do is ask them to pull your ref from his account. Out of 3 offers, unless you screwed something up, you will get credit eventually. Trainn can be slow to credit sometimes, but they usually come through.

flip has to stand by his trade obligation. He cannot back out because you didn't get instant credit. If he refuses to make good on this trade, after you go green, within the 14 day period outlined in the updated trade rules, let one of us know and we'll take the next step.


27-08-2006 20:31:08

Okay, thanks dmorris. I'm sure he'll be posting here saying something soon. I think he blocked me because I IM'd him then he suddenly logged off, I IM'd him from my other S/N and he logged off a little after the 2nd IM. Before he said that he wouldn't get banned or something because it isn't his responsibility. I just hope trainn makes an exception!


27-08-2006 20:36:46

Trainn won't make an xception. Wait for it to credit and then he has to pay.


27-08-2006 20:52:46

Hey diablo, make sure that you are clearing your cookies before you complete an offer. Sometime that helps, i know that has made a difference for me on some of the sites. I didnt do that for a site and i didnt get credit and now i have to get manual crediting. Try clearing your cookies

hey i hope that you get paid from flip-he has to pay you no matter what.


27-08-2006 21:03:39

Cool ) I cleared cookies for each offer. To everybody saying that he has to pay me - Try telling him that ( I doubt he'll pay me. He'd probably rather get banned than pay me and wait a bit (


27-08-2006 21:26:26

traders and mods here are on your side though.

you would have to be an idiot to get banned over 1 trade, so if hes smart he will pay up.