Who is baron_roflmao@yahoo.com ? **SOLVED**

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21-08-2006 14:03:17

This user has gone red on me for flip6, and I'd like to know if anyone knows who this person is, as I can't recall it myself. I need to get back in contact with him/her about this situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT Mystery solved. D


21-08-2006 16:57:51

That's KnightTrader.

He went red for me on yourfreevideoipods.com as well

Sent him a Pm about resolving the situation but haven't heard from him as yet.


21-08-2006 19:59:53

Maybe haven't heard from me because i Don't refresh these forums every minute. It hasen't even been 6 hours yet. I Replied to you. And yes, That is my friend. I believe he did the IQ test on that specific site, Tickle reversed those as well I guess. But PM Me before posting these things...