Who is cwalker324@comcast.net

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10-08-2006 10:54:44

His tickle.com credit was revoked from getmanyfriends.com for canceling right after he signed up. Only 4 credits were removed from getmanyfriends.com and he was one of them. Does anyone know who he is?

Edit I think people should be told to put their signup email and paypal email in the trade module.


10-08-2006 11:01:19

I traded with them for Prizebook but they never completed, the user was banned on a4f for being a returning fraudster.

af4 user bdc22

LOL I think it was you that made the post about them...



10-08-2006 11:08:23

Oh hey that thread if from when I just traded with him! He went green but my scamdar (scam radar) went off. He then told me I could pay him after I got my cash and I agreed. Good thing I didn't pay him yet. )