Where is stagim????????????

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07-08-2006 14:32:12

It has been about 10 or 11 days since I completed his site (he was supposed to pay me for it). So, after I went green, I sent him a pm. Next day no response. I was fine with that. Then I sent another pm a few days later. Still nothing. After about 8 days, I emailed him and also pmd theysayjump. He said the last time stagim was on was the 28th of june.

Does anyone have any info about him or why hes gone?


10-08-2006 18:42:42

Any news? he needs to pay up also.


11-08-2006 07:24:36

....Still Waiting


13-08-2006 19:28:28

nm, hes back -)


13-08-2006 19:43:32

Still no response for me.


13-08-2006 19:49:13

^ did you email him? if you dont have it ill give it to you, just pm me -)