Who is gigiqy1980@yahoo.com?

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30-07-2006 19:54:11

I payed this person for gaming.free4me, but I have no idea which user it is. He/She is now on hold. If anyone knows who this please is help me out.


30-07-2006 20:22:02

I can tell you that he is probably 26 years old. Thats about it.

Maybe go through the trade module and try and match up everyone's email address so you can narrow it down.

FreeEnterprize Joe

30-07-2006 20:56:57

you mean 26 right?


30-07-2006 22:45:53

[quotef553783dd3="toebash"]you mean 26 right?[/quotef553783dd3]All the keys are so close together.