detroitgirl019 ON HOLD

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22-07-2006 14:49:25

detroitgirl019 ( detroitgirl019@sbg.....) went on hold at anygift4Four. Paid 20.00...hopefully she will refund as quickly as I paid her/ him. NOT calling a scam yet, but just a heads up to everyone.


22-07-2006 14:53:25

You should contact them first and work things out before you make a scammers topic. Anyways good luck


22-07-2006 18:55:38

Of coarse I did. LOL No response yet, so I will wait it out to see what happens. Just a heads up is all I was saying. I was very clear in the first post to state that point. If I was entering into a trade with someone I would not want to see they had been placed on hold for any reason.


22-07-2006 19:19:15

Oh, my PM was in vain, as she is now temp--banned. She also went red on the orderit sites, but DID pay back the money. I have emailed her directly to work this out.


22-07-2006 20:04:51

damn it she greened for me on traxio ipods and i paid 30 bucks!


22-07-2006 21:30:28

Well, she did refund my payment. Did not say why she went on hold though. Hopefully, she will continue to refund money as she needs to.,....hopefully, there will be no further need to. I only started this thread since I saw her go red on another network too.

Mods, please close this.


22-07-2006 22:11:55

I believe she is currently under a 14 day temp ban...seems like that happened almost a week ago though...


22-07-2006 22:49:19

Yes, she is. I have emailed her directly though. Since posting this, I have heard a few other "concerning" things about her trading practices. Just be warned if in a trade with her....that's all.

Mods may close this now.....


23-07-2006 05:52:00

She signed up on YourPS34Free for me, like two weeks ago, but never completed an offer.


23-07-2006 14:52:17

she went red on two of my sites, and she paid me $50 for my troubles. I only paid her like $44


24-07-2006 04:39:55

I confirmed why she went red on my site. She did the Tickle Brain test multiple times. I went directly to the site owner to get this information, although I have heard this same thing from another source.
So, now I am calling her a scammer.


24-07-2006 10:07:17

She's been going red on multiple networks and she's been repeating the same offers, over and over again, hence the "reds".

I'd file Paypal claims against her if you paid her, or contact the site in question and report her as a scammer (if you haven't done so already).