mldragon89 is scamming me

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22-07-2006 01:40:28

He arranged a trade with me june 10 for a green on ordercash4free, in return he paypal me $25.
I registered and completed an offer that was labeled instant. after a day of not going instant i contacted the owner and was told i have to wait 14days be4 filling a missing credit. After the 14 days i submitted the request and was told that it will be forwarded the the affiliate for confirmation, i checked every week till yesturday the green went through. Now when i contact mldragon89 about my $25 paypal. he says
"dude, just switch ur referrals to someone else. just contact them on AIM and said there was a mistake and I was not supose to be your referral. It works. I can't even log on that site. I didn't want a green 3 weeks later."
I went through on my part and i expect him as well to deliever too.


22-07-2006 06:46:13

He has to pay you the $25 or he will be banned. Please direct him to this post.


22-07-2006 09:43:50

i just sent him another pm


22-07-2006 10:18:13

his response was
"ok fine, ban me then. im not wasting $25. y cant u just switch ur referral. and i did not ignore any of ur pms, that was a lie. I told u i cant log into ordercash4free."


22-07-2006 10:25:38

if anything, i thought u were the scammer. its july 22, so i obviously thought u were trying to scam me since it took u 1.5 months to go green. I cant even log in to ordercash4free for the past 3 weeks to confirm ur green so I do not want to spend $25 for nothing.


22-07-2006 10:27:49

ok, as a last resort, i just asked my friend to log onto ordercash4free from his house and junkie isnt even green! is he seriously calling me a scammer, he isnt even green on ordercash4fere. pls dont believe a guy with a TR of 0 even though mine is not too high either.


22-07-2006 10:28:07

i can provide a screenshot, just give me a sec
scam you, lol how, you never paid me so how am i scamming you?


22-07-2006 10:30:30

ok, im done with this, wasting my time. telling me to pay up when ur not green. u should def be baned for telling me ur green when u r not. taking advantage since i cannot log on ordercash4free from my house.


22-07-2006 10:31:17

ok, go ahead photoshop all u want. ask the mod to contact the admin of ordercash4free to settle this cause u r not green. bye


22-07-2006 10:34:06

ok i got a ss of u saying Not Completed.


22-07-2006 10:38:51

I dont even have photoshop, i used paint, also feel free to contact the admin for verification.
Tell me how you say u cant log into your account, yet u are saying im not green.

pic below
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22-07-2006 10:42:32

i just tod u. since u made such a big deal, i got my friend to log on his comp for me.


22-07-2006 10:43:06

so how is it u cant log in, where is the proof...i showed you mine


22-07-2006 10:45:19

[img658edc68a8]http/" alt=""/"77/3528/[" alt=""/img658edc68a8][=http//img="][img658edc68a8]http/" alt=""/"77/3528/[" alt=""/img658edc68a8]


22-07-2006 10:45:20

all will be settled soon the owner is logged in here, i sent him a pm


22-07-2006 10:46:58

k, i gave u my ss. not my fault u dont know how to get credit.


22-07-2006 10:50:41

Hey, this is an odd situation where when junkie sent in the manual credit request, the offer was a full credit offer, however now it would not count for account credit. I have greened junkie manually and she does now deserve the $25.


22-07-2006 10:51:43

thank you, send paypal


22-07-2006 10:52:16

she by the way...also looks like he ran away....i hope he say your post


22-07-2006 10:55:29

updated ). Also, he has hundreds of dollars in pending cashouts, so if he wants that, he'll be paying you.


22-07-2006 10:56:42

gosh thanks, im so glad this all worked out, with you being log on the same i will jut wait for this "scammer" to send my cash out


22-07-2006 11:02:02

[quote2f1557c079="mldragon89"]k, i gave u my ss. not my fault u dont know how to get credit.[/quote2f1557c079]

Credit is not always instant. In fact, these days, as often as not, it takes a minimum of 15 business days to receive credit--especially if manual crediting is required.

When you arrange a trade on these forums, you are obligated to uphold your end of the trade. It may not have been convenient for you that junkie06's offer didn't credit for several weeks, but that does not give you license to abandon your earlier commitment.

If you're going to continue to pursue the profitable business of incentive sites, you're going to have to be more patient. We're willing to deal with you fairly, but please respect the rules of trading, other users, and the realities of offer crediting.


22-07-2006 11:10:35

he was just on a min ago, i wonder why he is not responding to this thread or my pms


23-07-2006 17:35:42

mldragon89 please repond to my PMs


23-07-2006 18:17:27

I hope you get it taken care of...


24-07-2006 12:22:19

this is really interesting


24-07-2006 16:28:17

i think he ran....why is this interesting


26-07-2006 16:32:55

he is refusing to pay up


26-07-2006 16:55:10

[quote2ab1248b77="worldsendiscoming"]this is really interesting[/quote2ab1248b77]

lol wtf?


26-07-2006 19:17:48

[quoteecefcf8dc2="junkie06"]he is refusing to pay up[/quoteecefcf8dc2]

Let kerms know, maybe he can give you the money out of his payout, lol


26-07-2006 19:35:04

[quoteeb87b55dff="kerms"]updated ). Also, he has hundreds of dollars in pending cashouts, so if he wants that, he'll be paying you.[/quoteeb87b55dff]

Hahah. You go Kerms! D


02-08-2006 02:41:33

can i get a ban request


02-08-2006 11:14:51

hey should give the lady who is owed 25 dollars all the money he has pending in his account.... 8)


03-08-2006 00:46:10

i would love that instead or atleast have, we both profit


04-08-2006 05:38:53

Umm mmld will be put on hold anyway, getting bhius mate to log on from a dif IP.

Thats why he hasn't paid.... Scamming POS.


04-08-2006 05:48:43


Sorry he didn't uphold his end of the deal, but at least he wasn't able to cash out.

If anyone speaks with him, let him know that his ban will be lifted if he makes good on his trade.


04-08-2006 05:50:09

Kerms wont want that to heppen P

Kerms fancy splitting it 60/40? Hell even 70/30.