UberFr0g possible scammer.. 1 month and no game!

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21-07-2006 11:00:08

I bought Midnight Club for PS2 off of UberFr0g on 6/23. It is now 7/21 and still no game. I have contacted him and he said the game got sent back to him and he sent it again. It has been almost 2 weeks since he said that. I think he is scamming me.


21-07-2006 14:31:35

did he send it out tracked mail?
ask for a tracking number
also, how did u pay?


21-07-2006 15:19:32

I paid paypal. He said that the 1st time it came back to him. Then he said he is gonna ship it priority and get a tracking #. I have not heard back from him since.


22-07-2006 15:39:14

He hasn't been her since Wednesday July 12th. Have you tried e-mailing him?


21-01-2007 15:31:21

Hey. has he been back here? lol if he has, ban him. He stole my $7!

Here are PMs from him.

hey, i didnt personally handle shipping. my roomate did because im out of town visiting my parents ill give him a call and see if i can get a tracking# i told him to ship whatever would get it there quickest for a reasonable price so i imagine it should be there by now, but ill check on it.

hey, your shipping address is this correct?

(edited out, it was correct)
United States

it came back return to sender unavailable address?? If thats the correct address ill ship it again tommorow priority, is there another address i could send it to?

Then this was the last I have hear from him.

ok cool ill try again, priority and ill get a track #


21-01-2007 17:44:56

No, he still has not been back here since July 7, 2006. What made you think otherwise?


21-01-2007 17:53:30

I was just wondering. I was going through my outbox, saw a pm that I sent him, and realized that I never got my game. Not a big deal, I was just wondering.