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16-07-2006 01:36:13

Someone should really set up a thread that collects all the people ever been reported for scamming/impersonating and have the first post as a status page that's frequently updated so it's easier to keep up to date on who's up to what these days. The status page can include person's name, what they're being accused of, and the details of the offence. People can simply post in there, and the person who starts the thread would have to update the status page when there are new complaints (or changes to people's reputations).

I'd do this myself, but I don't think I could handle it very well...well...maybe if nobody takes up this role I might get fed up enough to do it... haha ^__^;;


16-07-2006 01:40:08



16-07-2006 02:43:34

Huh. You know I didn't even know about this thread. Oh and that's another thing, that kind of thread should be sticky'd so it doesn't require bumping all the time...