Beware of -TheWorkGuy-.. No Green, No Communication, etc.

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14-07-2006 15:45:07

Me and TheWorkGuy initiated a trade on 6/27/06, for which I was to do his "Notebooks4free" and he was to do my "YourPs34free", or his friend was supposed to, whatever. The next day I greened. We talked, after 1 WEEK, he says he'll have his friend green soon, finally after 2 weeks, his friend signs up and its been another 3 weeks and I haven't gottena green. He doesnt respond to my im's anymore. I can tell he's there, (i asked a friend to im him)...

Anyways.. I need this green soon. It's been


18 Days. How much longer do i have to wait bro?

[bf0af8ef815]B.T.W. This was intiated before my TR went limited. I also contacted a couple of mods a week or 2 ago. I have no idea what the hell they did.[/bf0af8ef815]

For the other thing... I didn't go to NY, as I lied ;).. I just needed to think about what was going on.. I mean the kid rejects a money order.. what else should i do? sphht whatever. [/sizef0af8ef815]


14-07-2006 15:51:07

You better fix your TR before he greens for you


14-07-2006 15:54:54

I'm trying buddy. I'm trying. BTW Why?


14-07-2006 15:55:28

[quotee662462a4f="JustBlaze786"][be662462a4f]B.T.W. This was intiated before my TR went limited. I also contacted a couple of mods a week or 2 ago. I have no idea what the hell they did.[/be662462a4f][/quotee662462a4f]

How did you contact them? There are no PMs from you to any of us about TheWorkGuy.


14-07-2006 15:57:18

I IMED Gigante. and PM'ed that other guy... theysayjump..


14-07-2006 15:58:43

Oh how the splendours of irony excite me so.


14-07-2006 16:03:59

[quote775f3d49fd="JustBlaze786"]I IMED Gigante. and PM'ed that other guy... theysayjump..[/quote775f3d49fd]

Sorry John Boy, you never PM'ed me.

I just went through all of our PM's together and not once have you mentioned TheWorkGuy or having a problem with him.


14-07-2006 16:04:36

Hmmm... hmmm... I'll check.. hold on.

I think you're right. anyways.. can some mod contact this guy?


14-07-2006 18:33:30

The Work Guy's a great guy to trade with, Greened for me in a day.

Btw Blaze, isn't karma a bitch D


14-07-2006 18:51:32

He was good before.. I mean i traded with him before, he paid me for many greens instantly.. and all..

Let's see what he has to say.


15-07-2006 21:56:45



15-07-2006 22:41:36

i traded with work guy b4 and hes a great trader but ive heard a couple of things about you and they wernt too good.


15-07-2006 23:36:42

This isnt about me bro.. )


17-07-2006 16:10:44

You forgot to mention that right as my friend went to do your site, you TR went to a well deserved negative 1!
Therefore, I told them to hold off (for good reason)

I was than contacted by gigante who said i needed to finish the trade, even though you scammed on other sites....
So I gave my friend the green light.

They signed up and did an offer within 24 hours of Gigante PM'ing me!

Now, I will have them look into why they are not green, but sometimes these things happen, I do not see why you need to make such a big deal over nothing!



17-07-2006 17:01:22

Oh ok. I don't need to make a big deal out of a 3 week old trade where i did my part and was never given a favor in return. oh ok.. //sarcasm )


17-07-2006 20:00:55

often when someone doesnt communicate with someone else whom is waiting for a green, they get antsy. Even though justblaze is -1 i would think a return PM is warranted. but i guess hindsite is 20/20. a "my friend is holding off until you are not -1" PM would have saved some grief.
anyway, back to my little hole


18-07-2006 04:39:11

Why is he on -1??

I also wouldnt of greened for you if you went to -1 fearing that you'd go red. So I think TWG did the right thing.