ANNOUNCEMENT: My DSL is going psycho

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unknown uchiha

14-07-2006 13:42:54

Yesterday we had a power outage in the area for a brief hour or so. When the power came back on, I realized that my internet connection had just been butchered. Like, seriously. My DSL acts like it's 28k on crack and I find it nearly impossible to get any freesites to load up. This forum takes approximately 2-3 minutes to load fully for me right now.

So yeah don't start screaming "WITCH!" (or scammer) for the next few days. I'm trying to work this out with my ISP or something. If anyone has a clue as to why this is happening to my computer, please let me know. I've left the modem/router on overnight, I've turned it off for extended periods of time, I've done just about everything that was suggested to me.

So yeahh I still owe greens on

TechFreebie (Yet to sign up because of 28k lag)
Cameras.123 (Signed up)
11Rewards (Already explained)
Upgrades.Traxio (Already explained)
CollegeStuff4Nothin (Manual credit requested)

And umm yeah I'm still awaiting a few refunds from people I paid to go green that didn't work out.

Anyways, I'll post a follow up when I get the chance.


14-07-2006 13:56:44

Ask your DSL to do a reset. Last time my DSL went whack it was due to a phone not using a filter ?

Try resetting your modem too


14-07-2006 20:15:05

it coo just as soon as you get it on finish our trade anyway are ether one of these emails yours?

unknown uchiha

16-07-2006 14:58:08

Okay I was able to like load ONE PM to reply to. To give you an idea of how bad my internet is right now, the SBC/AT&T Speed Test found on (and searching "Speed test" on the left search bar, clicking on the first result) is projecting my throughput as 15kbps. That's like almost 1/4th of effing 56k dialup.

The tech support at AT&T said they'd get in contact with me sometime this week to fix up the line. Until then, I can't do much =(


19-07-2006 13:15:41

has anyone heard a update from him? he sent me a email saying that he would get this all sorted out.

unknown uchiha

19-07-2006 19:23:52

Okay, the situation is addressed at my Announcements/Scammers/Impersonators board thread, AT&T is torturing me for some reason because of a power outage and my DSL is clocking in a downstream throughput of like 14.87 kbps. No joke.

I will ask a friend of mine to green for you tomorrow. This will be a new signup, new address, everything. He has done most of the "major" networks and is a smaller freebie site "virgin". He'll take charge of completing the offer upon signup and stuff. You won't owe me extra or anything for this, because seeing how my internet is now I can't do an offer from my house so this is the only option I see unless you guys can wait a week for a green, which I doubt it =P.

My friend should sign up tomorrow, do an offer tomorrow, and go green within the selected offer's crediting timeframe.

P.S. By the way, this is going to be copy-pasted and will pretty much be the same reply to everyone I've PMed to.

Okay and in the meantime, time to beg for ThisStuffIsFree network greens/items as payback for this "favor"