ishak on hold at ordercash4free

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13-07-2006 04:49:34

ishak on hold at ordercash4free ... no details yet.


13-07-2006 06:50:29


This isn't the Scammers, Impersonators and people who go red or are DQ'ed forum.

Just because he's gone red doesn't make him a scammer. I've been placed on hold on Freepay sites before but got it sorted out. Didn't make me a scammer. I've had refs who've been placed on hold on various sites but they got their situations sorted out.

I can't say this enough Scammers threads should only be made as a very last resort. After you've exhausted every possible means of communication and have still not received a response from the other trader, AND contacting a Moderator/Admin about it.


13-07-2006 07:04:04

Sounds familiar! roll roll


13-07-2006 19:46:05

jagsondarun27, are you saying iishak went red/hold for you too?

theysayjump, I posted this here as a "use caution" ... I guess I should have clarified. the user's constant request for neteller payment, despite payment on approval, raised my suspicions.

again, I'm NOT saying iishak is a scammer, but I would only trade on a "payment on approval" basis