bullseye4u on HOLD psps.fp - RESOLVED

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12-07-2006 20:18:35

ok, so what username does this link up with?
anyone able to help me out please.
just PMd a mod...
damnit he went on hold after TWO freakin months of processing

it is bullseye4u

I PMd him, lets see how he fixes this
TR = 114

resolved in less than 24 hrs
thanks bullseye!


12-07-2006 20:54:17

screen shot
edited out the other emails. i can send an unedited screenshot to a mod. also, he PMd me that this was his email...it is in my history

please correct this, bullseye...now i had to ask for an extension!

http/" alt=""/img76.imageshack.us/img="76/4394/pspsfp20cy.jpg[" alt=""/img0eaa747a5a][=http//imageshack.us][img="0eaa747a5a]http/" alt=""/img76.imageshack.us/img="76/4394/pspsfp20cy.jpg[" alt=""/img0eaa747a5a][/url]


12-07-2006 20:56:24

note that we are in email contact and working this out


12-07-2006 21:01:39

we are working this out, i will keep parties informed...now to get my extension first


12-07-2006 21:05:41

sorry working it out oops never doing freepay


12-07-2006 22:48:07

In future, please try to contact the other person BEFORE making a scammers thread.


13-07-2006 04:05:42

yeah tsj, i think the problem was there was no user with that email registered so I had no idea who it was.
a little premature ;)
lo siento


13-07-2006 10:04:28

this is precisely why I write down what email address and user id all of my referrals use


13-07-2006 16:06:04

[quote3e41e800db="BonusHunter"]this is precisely why I write down what email address and user id all of my referrals use[/quote3e41e800db]

yeah me too. plus i ask them to put it in the TR. for some reason i dont have it
i also ask on PMs and save those, just didnt find the PM for a while )


13-07-2006 17:38:23

this is completely resolved. he is a great guy
please close this