I am back

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12-07-2006 07:19:58

Hey everyone,

This post is to tell you that I will be out of town until Tuesday. I am leaving tomorrow. I am trying to take care of all outstanding trades right now, however, if I don't get to yours, I will PayPal you $5 bucks for the delay. Once, again, just to let you know, I am not going on a scammer leave.


13-07-2006 04:54:18

lol lol lol

Seriously, though. Have a nice trip, man. I own a disney timeshare there ... WHY DIDN'T YOU RENT YOUR ROOM FROM ME??? BOOOO!


13-07-2006 22:55:44

that dude's never coming back.


18-07-2006 10:54:19

[quote78d6d0601a="missdee212"]that dude's never coming back.[/quote78d6d0601a]

I'm back.


18-07-2006 11:27:37

[quote4cb9dbc952="Averagejoe1039"][quote4cb9dbc952="missdee212"]that dude's never coming back.[/quote4cb9dbc952]

I'm back.[/quote4cb9dbc952]

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18-07-2006 14:24:46

Hooray! Welcome back!