kala - Will not be visiting forums for an extended time

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09-07-2006 06:22:49


I am leaving today at 1 PM EST for my flight. I will be back August 20th. My sig says 21st because I am going to be settling in my new home as well.

I am in a trade with a few people. I have done my part either paid or completed an offer. I have put in manual request if my offer has not credited, so hopefully it will come through in a timely manner.

If anyone has any concerns or if I have forgotten you, please contact me before I leave today.

Have a great summer guys!



09-07-2006 07:37:58

kala hope we both have our stuff from tfp by then ;)


09-07-2006 07:48:03

haha yea...fgr is covering my refs for that while im going to be gone.



09-07-2006 15:04:34

Oh Shit. Kala.. Please check your pm before you go.. IT'S UBER URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


09-07-2006 20:05:22

He said his flight left at 1PM today.

Read, kthx.

unknown uchiha

10-07-2006 14:35:37

YES! This gives me enough time to catch up to your TR! I remember like when you had to go first for me about two weeks ago o_o

But yeah have a good Summer.