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08-07-2006 20:52:31

he has been gone for quite a long time now and still owes me a green.
not calling him a scammer or anything but just want to know how many pending trades he has..


08-07-2006 21:56:11

Yeah you're right, he hasn't logged in since June 28th. I could've sworn he made a thread saying he'd be away for a certain period of time, but I can't find anything.

Of course it's possible that he may just be on holiday or something came up, so people shouldn't freak out just yet, but he was trading a whole lot. Seems strange that he'd just stop all of a sudden.

Unless.......... http//[" alt=""/imgb5795f0c97]


08-07-2006 23:22:36

I looked at all of his posts, no annoucements from him.


09-07-2006 06:15:58

He just moved to a new home and he PM'd me telling me that he doesn't have internet at his place. He was at his moms house on July 4th when I received his PM. He owes me TONS of greens. He'll be back though. I'm pretty sure.


09-07-2006 08:14:20

He's a great trader, I'm sure he'll come back (like the TR doesn't say enough).


09-07-2006 15:34:20

is there anyother way to contact him? because i rather have him refund my money than to wait until who knows when !!